Advanced Refrigeration Technologies
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  • Introduction

    In the past, refrigeration equipment designers have based their work mainly on their company background and on direct experimentation. To effectively reduce development costs, meet new standards and regulations, and continuously improve the efficiency and quality of their products, refrigerant equipment designers must turn more and more to the use of modern simulation tools.

    After many years of research, development and full validation IMST-ART© is ready to enter the market and become the professional tool that refrigeration equipment designers demand.


    IMST-ART© is an advanced performance simulation, computer-aided engineering design system. IMST-ART© combines accurate and fast algorithms, easy-to-use graphical interface and powerful analysis capabilities into a single software package suitable for modeling any vapour-compression refrigeration system operating with almost any refrigerant and secondary fluids.

    IMST-ART© is appropriate for an extremely wide range of applications such as domestic freezers, supermarket cabinets, cold warehouses, air/conditioning units, heat pumps, mobile air/conditioning and refrigeration…