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  • Customers opinion

    Customer satisfaction is our first priority. Please contact us and send us your opinion about IMST-ART.

    We follow a constant process of review and reform of the Software and continuous adaptation towards its more and more comfortable use by design engineers. Any comments, ideas and suggestions will be much appreciated. Simple modifications will be quickly implemented at all levels of operation. More complex modifications will be considered in our planning for future versions.

    What our customers said about IMST-ART:

    We have found ART to be very useful for the parametric studies capabilities, teaching new engineers how system components interact with each other and the reduction in design-cycle time. From a software point of view, the solver is very robust and extremely fast considering the many iterations required of each component to reach a convergent solution. We have compared the results of the coil performance to in-house test data and found the program to also be reasonably accurate for coil performance.

    In short, I highly recommend IMST-ART as a tool to aid the design of vapor compression cycles, for AC, refrigeration or freezer applications.
    – Kevin B. Mercer
    Sr. Product Development Engineer
    Modine Manufacturing Company

    The IMST-ART is very easy to use thanks to well-developed and organised Guided User Interface and comprehensive explanation attached in the Help file.

    One of the advantages of the IMST-ART is that it gives the user an opportunity to decide the details of modelling for each of the components.

    The main benefit of the software I found was in performing parameter studies. It is very easy to change any design parameter and then analyse the influence of the variation of the parameters on the system performance. Also if there is any mistake in the design or size of the component then an error or warning window appears on the screen.

    In conclusion, I find the IMST-ART very professional, robust, and practical tool for design and optimisation of refrigeration systems.
    – Lubos Vaclavek
    R&D Engineer
    American Power Conversion

    We are currently using this code for research in analysing the flow inside the evaporators and condensers but also on performing equipment development and optimisation for refrigeration companies in Italy.

    The program is very easy to use, the results have always agreed well with our own measurements when we have compared it, is very professional, very fast, and we considered it as being a very efficient design tool.
    – Gian Piero Celata
    Institute of Thermal-Fluid Dynamics

    The program is very general for simulation of (single stage) refrigeration systems. This makes it very versatile, but requires of course also many input as well as output variables. AN important help included in the program package is a library with templates for typical systems. I have used version 2.14 for several months and found just two minor mistakes, which I understand are already fixed in the version in progress. The program has built in functions to present results graphically with a number of different options. After being acquainted with the program one realizes that it has unique possibilities.

    I am especially impressed by the structure of the program, which gives it a remarkable flexibility. It is also very stable and I have not in any instance run into problems with convergence in the calculations. The results reflect reality well for tested cases. The program is convenient to use and I have found it very useful.
    – Eric Granryd
    Professor (emeritus)
    Chair of Applied Thermodynamics and Refrigeration

    It is easily used and I have always found simulation results to be very close the experimental measures performed in our laboratory. In my opinion is an excellent tool for equipment design and optimisation.

    I have therefore the greatest pleasure in recommending both the IMST Research group and its ART Software.
    – José Miguel Díaz Serrano
    Senior Researcher
    Instituto del Frío
    Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas

    In our University we are very pleased with this software package, which has been used for Research as well as for our engineering students reaching a high level of reliability.

    It seems to us that this software could also be very useful outside the university, namely in the industry.
    – Antonio Lecuona Neumann
    Director del Departamento de Ingeniería Térmica y de Fluidos
    Universidad Carlos II de Madrid

    CIATESA Design and R&D Department use IMST-ART for the air conditioning and heat pumps design, components selection and simulation of heat pumps performances under different environmental conditions. Results have been contrasted against laboratory measurements and other software packages and agree very well.

    IMST-ART is a robust tool with a high quality user-friendly graphic interface.
    – Miguel Zamora García
    R&D Manager