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    IMST is a university group with more than 20 years of experience both in the modeling and development of thermal systems as well as in development of professional software. We also have a long and intensive history of co-operating with Industry in the development and optimization of industrial products. At IMST, we know what it takes to be competitive in today’s marketplace, and we wish to offer this knowledge to you through our software line and our technical support.

    Our team of modeling experts is available to help you to model your system and obtain reliable and accurate results. Furthermore, our team of software development is on hand to help you to adapt the user interface to your specific requirements, to implement customer proprietary correlations or empirical coefficients into the software, as well as to create databases with your most frequently-used components… All this can be done so that you will be able to significantly boost your capabilities for the design and improvement of your products at a reduced cost and with great ease. Contact us today to bring IMST-ART to your daily design and development work!

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    Thermal Area
    Instituto de Ingeniería Energética (Ed. 8E Semisótano)
    Universitat Politècnica de València
    Camino de Vera S/N.
    46022. Valencia. Spain

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